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Cipla Isotroin 20 Capsule

Cipla Isotroin 20 Capsule (Isotretinoin 20mg)

MARKETER Cipla Ltd SALT COMPOSITION Isotretinoin (20mg) STORAGE Store below 30°C Click Here to buy PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Isotroin capsules, manufactured by Cipla, play a crucial role in the treatment of severe acne and other skin conditions. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive guide to help you understand what Isotroin capsules are, how they work, […]

Tasulin 0.4 Tablet PR

Tasulin 0.4 Tablet PR Ipca Laboratories Ltd | Tamsulosin (0.4mg), Treatment of Benign prostatic hyperplasia | Strip of 14 tab

Tasulin 0.4 Tablet PR Tamsulosin (0.4mg) MANUFACTURER Ipca Laboratories Ltd SALT COMPOSITION Tamsulosin (0.4mg) STORAGE Store below 30°C Buy Link: PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Tasulin 0.4 Tablet PR is an alpha-adrenergic antagonist that is used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. It helps to relieve symptoms like difficulty in passing urine. However, it does not […]

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