Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 150ml

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Product Benefits Strengthening
Material Type Free Silicone Free
Scent Coconut
Liquid Volume 150 Milliliters
Item Form Oil
  • Premium coconut hair oil enriched with henna, amla, lemon and five other trusted herbs
  • Ensures deeper oil penetration to give your hair and scalp complete nourishment for problem free, healthy hair
  • Provides natural nourishment to your hair, giving it body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients
  • Strengthens the roots of your hair, to help maintain their health and natural thickness
  • Contains 2 bottles of Vatika Oil 150ml
(22 customer reviews)
Dabur Vatika Coconut enrich oil
Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 150ml $35.00 Original price was: $35.00.$25.49Current price is: $25.49.

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Premium coconut hair oil enriched with henna, amla, lemon and five other trusted herbs. Includes 2 bottles of Dabur Vatika Coconut Oil 150ml.

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22 reviews for Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 150ml

  1. Jennifer

    So SoThis oil kind of makes your hair soft…

  2. Black Magic

    Softness in a bottleI am Afro-Caribbean and have mid-back length locs (as in thin dreadlocks) that I’ve been maintaining for about 10 years now. I just discovered Vatika and find that I absolutely love the smell and the way it leaves my hair! My hair feels very fluid, soft, and as if it is just flowing down my back (more so than usual), and it smells like heaven. A few points:- I put the bottle in the hot shower with me in the mornings so that the congealed oil melts by the time I am done showering and ready to apply it to my hair. I also have done as others suggested and simply heated a mug of water up in the microwave, and then set the bottle in the heated water for a few minutes.- Because of the length and thickness of my hair, I use much more than the nickel or quarter-size amount suggested by one reviewer. In keeping with the change analogy, I’d say I use about a roll of nickels-size worth. Despite this, my hair does not feel oily after the application has had a chance to soak in.- I do not use this as a pre-shampoo or deep conditioning treatment that I later wash/rinse out as other reviewers do. Instead, I apply it every other day or so, in the morning, and then go about my day. That said, as I wash my hair every few days, I suppose I am technically/inadvertently using this as a pre-shampoo or deep conditioner (and I guess we all would be if looked at in this way). ;)- I happen to find the smell of the product to be quite divine; I have read that some others find it unsettling. It might be important to note that I am a fan of all-natural products and, specifically, The Body Shop products. I wash my hair with The Body Shop’s banana shampoo and conditioner and have been using their Monoi oil in my hair for about a year. I happen to also like essential oils over perfume. I share this info because it suggests that I might like the smell of Vatika because I am used to and enjoy the smell of many other products with natural ingredients. A friend of mine jokingly and fondly said that, after application of Vatika, my hair smells like the store, “Pier 1 Imports”. I think that might actually be pretty accurate. 😉 If you don’t like the smell of very natural ingredients or materials–a la an import store, let’s say–then you probably won’t dig Vatika.- I’ve only been using the product for a few days at the time of this writing, but I believe I am starting to notice the hair-color-darkening effect other reviewers noted. I am content with this phenomenon, however, since my hair color is naturally dark and I am in no way averse to covering up a grey hair or two without having to exert any more effort than that used in the execution of my morning routine.Enjoy!

  3. Portia James-McKnight

    Love itI read most of the reviews on this privative and positive both. I personally love it. I don’t find that it has an unpleasant scent at all. Nor do I find it hard to use.1. If the product comes to you and it’s “cold” or you use it and it’s “cold” it will look like butter or lard. You have two options….run it under hot tap water or put a bit in the palm of your hand and rub…it melts.How I use it1. In the morning apply it to dry hair (focus on ends and add a bit through the rest finger combing through)then brush through (with a boar hair bristle brush), pull hair up into a bun and secure (I have over 2ft. of hair, I use an elastic, and a few bobby pins), add a flower clip, and go about my day2. In the evening shower and wash my hair with Nexxus for split ends shampoo and conditionerI have slept with it in my hair and my pillow was fine. I focused on the ends, pulled my hair up with an elastic into a high ponytail, braided my hair and rolled the braid into a bun, secured it, and in the morning either brush through (with the boar hair bristle brush), reshaped it into an up-do, or washed it out with the Nexxus for split ends shampoo and conditionerI am of mixed race Caucasian and Asian with very straight hair. I very seldom use heated styling tools on my hair (when I want to curl my hair I set it the old fashioned way the night before usually or create a clever up-do in the morning and let it down for the evening events. My hair had some damage on the ends and some dryness but after less than a week and only a few uses of this product I almost can’t stop touching my hair.My hair as of this momentVery soft but not greasy…beautiful shine, some dryness on the ends but nothing a tiny trim won’t cure.What I don’t expectThis product to make my hair grow longer, thicker, or fasterWhat I do expectThis product to make my hair softer and more manageableOther things I have used this product forMoisturizer on my face (would not suggest if you have oily skin. I have dry patches around my eyes and some from sunburns)Smooth and soften skin and course hair for shaving (works great on underarms, wash your deodorant off and apply the Vitika, shower normal and use your shaving gel or cream as you would under your arms)Personally for me I like this product a lot and I am glad I found it.Keep in mindA LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY

  4. MissMaria82

    Varies greatly based on hair type.First I think it’s important to address the fact that yes it is a solid in a bottle. I knew this, but some of the reviewers didn’t seem to realize it and the “problem” is one that you would have with any coconut oil-based product. I put it between my boobs (I know that’s weird) to heat it up while I’m parting my hair and spraying on some aloe, and it always liquifies by the time I’m ready to use it (just a few minutes, really). Afterwards I give it a good shake and I’m ready to go.The bottles arrived with tops that have indentations you have to stick something in to open a hole, and the plastic is thick so it takes some doing. This may be nitpicky, but I’m not so sure why this is necessary as it’s capped and it is generally a solid. I believe I read someone’s review that said that if you squeeze too hard the little inner cap pops off, and this did happen to my mother, to whom I gifted one of the bottles.Truthfully, I ended up taking it back from my mother because it didn’t suit her needs, and I think based on your type of hair you can have wildly different experiences with the product. My mother and I are both black but she has fine, semi-straight hair and mine is very thick and very curly. The oil for her, even in moderation, was too slick and just sort of slid around her scalp. My hair drinks it up, but almost to the extent that it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything. I do use aloe first, after some trial and error with using it on dry hair and after shampooing, and I think that helps a bit. I am in love with the scent though, so I don’t mind using a lot of it.My sister, who is biracial, has the best results with this product. Her hair is wavy and pretty thick, and she gets the best shine and smoothness from this, even when her hair is dry. Her daughters have good results too. We all have natural hair, but it does seem like something that could work on relaxed hair for shine purposes.Overall, I don’t think this does anything spectacular, especially depending upon your hair type, but it is a good oil. It smells better, in my opinion, than regular coconut oil, but I don’t think it does much more than regular coconut oil. That said, it certainly smells delicious to me, and a little bit goes a long way for several types of hair. I definitely don’t think it could hurt anyone’s haircare regimen, and I do like it for skin, much like I like coconut oil, which is an added benefit.

  5. Lollipopbrat

    If you have fine hair, please read….I really wanted to try this because of all the great reviews. I have very fine hair and since I use natural shampoos, it can be a little on the dry side. So, I purchased this wonderful coconut hair oil to help. I should have tried it out on the weekend to make sure the effect if would have on my hair. Needless to say, I didn’t….. so before I left for work one day, I washed my hair and put this oil on, then let it sit for a few minutes before I washed it out. Then I went to work, letting my hair dry naturally (I don’t ever blow dry my hair). But, it never dried…actually, it was saturated with oil still even though I washed it out. Thank goodness I never put conditioner on the top part of my hair, only from the crown down. Otherwise it would have been so much worse! I took an early lunch to run home and shampoo my hair again. Thank goodness I don’t live very far from my job! It felt so disgusting and oily! The girls at work thought it was pretty funny, and I had to laugh, too. It was seriously oily!!! So, after I washed my hair with shampoo, (I obviously didn’t condition again!), I sat in front of my fan to read and let my hair dry. After it dried, my lunch break over, I headed back to work with nice clean hair. I was really impressed with how shiny and soft my hair was after it dried, especially because I didn’t condition it after washing it again. Normally, I always have to condition, otherwise my hair is a tangled mess. But, I didn’t want to chance having greasy hair still, so I took my chances. So, please learn from my mistake….if you have fine hair this is what I recommend… Wash your hair, then apply this coconut oil and let it sit for a few minutes, then shampoo your hair again…. and let dry. And you will hopefully have wonderful soft and shiny hair like I did. I am very pleased with this product, after finding a way for it to work for me. I highly recommend it!

  6. Prepossessing Truth

    Great Oil for 4A/B HairI’ve been using this oil for many years. I also alternate extra virgin coconut oil in my hair occasionally, but feel that this oil has more of a boost in nutrients with the amla and henna. It helps to keep grays away, and I do agree that your scalp has a nice environment for hair growth with this review.I saturate dry hair with it before washing, and leave it in as long as I can. I part my hair in four sections and am very generous – a teaspoon on the ends of my hair for each section, a teaspoon for the midlengths and roots of each section, and comb through, massaging into my scalp.I have wrapped hair in a hot towel before to help my hair cuticles open and absorb the oil more, which works well too. Whether with or without heat, usually my hair has soaked it in and it is not nearly as oily. I leave it in as long as I can, at least an hour. The smell is noticeable but not unforgiving, and is gone after a shampoo, it doesn’t linger. Sometimes in the winter I only co-wash with conditioner and it still washes out well. It washes out relatively easily and really helps to repair hair, prevent split ends, and gift it a soft, strong, bouncy texture.I’m natural/chemical-free, but have used this before when I’ve been both relaxed and texlaxed and the results were consistent. I think it works for all hair types – its just enriched coconut oil.************Ingredients:Cocos nucifera oil (COCONUT OIL), HERBAL EXTRACTS [Emblica Officinalis (amla), Fruit Extract Terminalia Chebula Extract, Terminalia belirica extract, azadirahta indica leaf extract, centella asiatica plant extract, hedychium spicatum rhiizone extract, lawsonia inermis leaf extract]. Lecithin (SOYA LECITHIN), Perfume, Aqua (SOFT WATER), MILK, ROSEMARY LEAF OIL, Tocopherol Acetate (VITAMIN E), Citrus Medica limonum (LEMON OIL), Butylated Hydroxy TouleneHenna – Along with other herbs, coats your hair, protects it from oxidation, maintaining its natural colorAmla – Strengthens the roots of your hair, to help maintain the health and natural thicknessLemon – Astringent action of lemon controls sebum flowManufactured by: Naturelle, LLC, Dubai, U.A.E.Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

  7. Geminigirl

    Love this stuff!I am an African-American woman with natural hair & had read many blogs of “naturalistas” who praised this product to the skies as an effective pre-poo so I decided to give it a try.I knew that the Vatika was a solid product that I’d need to warm in order for it to liquify so I placed the bottle in a bowl of moderately hot water for about 5 – 10 minutes. Afterwards I saturated my hair with the oil, finger detangled, sectioned then covered with a conditioning cap for 1+ hour(s). Next I rinsed the Vatika out of my hair with cool water before co-washing it. My hair is left feeling super soft & moisturized since I’ve added the Vatika to my regimen & I love the smell once it’s warm & liquified – lemony graham crackers.I’ve been using the Vatika oil since late August 2012 & although it doesn’t cover my grays nor change my hair color, I have noticed that I can go longer between color touch-ups. Prior to using this oil, I needed to touch up every 4 weeks but since I started using it I have gone as long as 8 weeks before needing to refresh my color.It also works well as a moisturizer for my twists & scalp; my hair doesn’t feel overly moisturized or weighed down and I usually apply it every other night.The Vatika didn’t work as a sealant or leave-in for me: it didn’t seem to work well with the moisturizer I used (Shea Moisture Coconut/Hibiscus Smoothie) and my hair was rather frizzy after a braid-out.I do agree with a previous comment that depending upon what you want the Vatika to do within your hair regimen, you may have a positive or negative experience with it and thankfully thus far, my experience has been beyond positive.

  8. SD. White

    Natural hair queenThis has to be one of the greatest hair products Ive found.. I am a natural hair stylist of many years and I use this oil on many of my natural clients. It also works on relaxed hair but not as well. The ppl that have written bad reviews for this product may not have knowledge of natural oils or how to use them. This product does not smell like something you would find in a typical beauty store, mainly because it is a NATURAL product and not filled with ingredients that are placed in many of those cheap hair growth-stunting products. To get the best results from this product, use it on damp hair. If used on dry hair, use only a very small amount This products is a very lightweight oil and I use it on my own hair and it adds a brilliant shine..I also use it on my son to twist his hair after washing and it provides great manageability and softens his hair a lot. The oil is solid when u receive it but u can just put it in a cup of warm water for a few moments or microwave it for about 15 seconds. I hope my review can help someone else out there.

  9. Monica

    Great ProductLove this product. I love the added ingredients such as lemon and rosemary. I have very thick, course hair. I massaged it into my scalp and then worked it through the rest of my hair which required using most of one bottle, as I expected. I left it on over night. After styling my hair using a Silk heat protection cream and Argan oil as a straightening agent with the flat iron, my hair is much softer and feels very healthy. I’ve been researching the habits of women in the Indian culture and what they do to keep their hair healthy and grow it so long. This is one of the products recommended. I also use plain, unrefined coconut oil in the same manner at other times. I will continue to use this as part of my hair care and to encourage growth. In the past, I’ve had to keep trimming my hair so often,and dealing with dryness and frizz from using a flat iron, that I can’t seem to get it to grow as long as I want it to be. It is about mid spine as of now. I feel this will help keep my hair healthy and allow it to grow despite having to use intense heat to style because of the extreme thickness and coarseness of my hair.Yes, it is solidified in the bottle. I’ve noticed this was a main complaint on several of the negative reviews. Coconut oil IS solidified, like “Crisco”, as one reviewer stated, and you do have to melt it either in hot water, or the microwave before you use it.

  10. LadyAM

    I like itI was browsing amazon one day & stumbled across this. I have been wanting to try coconut oil for awhile now just never saw enough benefits in buying it. This coconut oil is enriched with henna, alma, and a few other special herbs. After further research on the added herbs i said gave in. I hate the opening. Although i do understand the need for it, I wish they could come up with something different. You have puncture a thick piece of plastic to get to the oil. Since it’s coconut oil It does solidify at room temperature. Placing the bottle in hot water for about 8 -10 minutes solves this problem. I recommend transferring the oil into a travel size container. The plastic in travel size containers in thinner so it takes a less time to melt when you are getting ready to use it. Enough about the packing.I like the oil itself. The smell is distinct but it’s not overwhelming. I usually put it in before bed. By the next morning you cant smell it. I have tested this theory by having my roommates smell my hair when i get up just to make sure i hadn’t gotten used to the scent while i was sleeping. My hair has gotten softer and grown a lot with continuous use of this product. I would recommend it. I am going to buy the Vatika Hot oil treatment next.{I’m an African American with natural hair with dyed tips. Hair type:4a/4b hair APL }

  11. Liz

    AmazingThis hair oil is simply amazing! I have been using it for a couple of months now- once a week, sometimes twice, and I can see great improvement in my hair. I have pretty long hair, and long hair is prone to dry ends, and while there are lots of conditioners out there, most don’t do much. This oil really works- my hair has become very soft and very shiny, and I hardly ever use conditioners now. Another nice bonus is non-itchy moisturized scalp.You can’t beat the price! And this bottle will last you a long time even if you have thick long hair. No need for expensive Moroccan oil and such.Keep in mind that coconut oil isn’t liquid if the temperatures aren’t high enough, so be sure to keep the bottle in warm water till the oil melts.For best results I suggest using this oil overnight. Just put some on your palms, massage the scalp, then apply some oil to the rest of your hair- you don’t need to use a lot- dripping oil doesn’t do anyone any good. Then just braid your hair, throw a towel on the pillowcase, and rest. I’ve discovered that blowdrying on hot for a couple of minutes with oil on is great too. After those manipulations, just wash your hair with your regular shampoo- I generally shampoo twice, for very thick hair three times might be better. The oil washes off rather easily actually (comparing to olive or vegetable oil), which was a pleasant surprise. And then you’re good to go- air dry, or style the way you always do.I highly recommend this oil if you want hair like in Pantene commercials.

  12. Naina

    !!! YOU NEED TO BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!!!I am not one to write reviews on Amazon. But THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING and I feel almost guilty not sharing it with the world. As an Indian woman, I have always known coconut oil is good for the hair. My mom used to bring back coconut oil all the time from India. Don’t get me wrong- coconut oil is fantastic for your hair- but even none of those products COMPARED to this one!!!I have had DAMAGED, DRY hair for years. It’s fine, wavy and breaks the minute I want to style it. It’s embarrassingly dry and I been falling out for years so that I can’t even grow it anymore. I have had awful split ends for 15+ years no and no matter what I have tried, it hasn’t worked. I even did the super expensive WEN- which is OKAY, but also doesn’t COMPARE to this product! TRUST ME, IF YOU HAVE DAMAGED HAIR, THIS PRODUCT WILL FIX IT IN A WEEK! I can’t believe how much I love my hair again! TRY IT!HOW TO USE: Heat the bottle in HOT WATER for 1-2 minutes so it melts into the oil. Place all over your hair and massage in your scalp. Leave overnight in a haircap. Next day: WASH OUT with shampoo. BONUS: Compared to other coconut oils, this one washeS out INCREDIBLY EASILY! Use 2-3 times a week. Seriously, after a week, your hair will be soft, strong and wonderful- like it was before we started styling the life out of it!LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH that I felt compelled to write a review! Enjoy your new healthy hair 🙂

  13. Jewel

    Back for more! Read about solidifying.I was overseas for a little while and I watched what the Indians and Nepalese do with coconut hair oils (this Dabur oil is also made in India, but this particular one from Amazon is made in Europe). They apply in the evening and keep it on overnight (you should wrap your hair or use a protective pillow case) or if they’re not going anywhere they’ll comb it through their hair and braid it until they’re ready to wash it out. I’ve started doing likewise and now have more manageable, tangle free and silky hair using this product. The coconut smell is great and natural like real coconuts and not artificial. It doesn’t take but a few drops to cover my long, thick hair, and the applicator makes it easy to get just the right amount. It washes out easily. I wash my hair twice leaving the shampoo on for a few minutes the second time through and rinse well. I use my regular conditioner. I was very happy to see there was no oily buildup. I use this product about once every week or two.Update: The product does solidify (natural coconut oils do this when they get cool below 75 degrees), but that doesn’t mean it has gone bad. You just remove the rubber part and squeeze some in your hand. Rub your hands together and the warmth will liquify it instantly. My hair has never looked better. I love this stuff! I have less dandruff, my hair color is more uniform, my waves are more defined and surprisingly I can go longer between washes.

  14. Shivbaba1

    Excellent herbal hair oil for color treated and damaged hair for men and women alike.Coconut hair oil is age old recipe in India for split ends and overall hair tonic. Dabur has added Amala and other proven Ayurvedic ingredients to take it to a new higher level…The size of the bottle is tiny. At least it comes with two.Coconut naturally freezes so run the bottle under hot water to liquefy it again. Excellent herbal hair oil for color treated and damaged hair for men and women alike.

  15. Crystal

    So good so far.Alot of people have complained about how stiff or mushy the product is. when i first got it, it was solid. like shea butter or maybe even thicker or harder then say crisco. my house has a steady temp of about 70-75 degrees. after a few hours the product is now moist and has a consistency of maybe vaseline or even better shampoo or conditioner. you have to pierce a hole at the top which i used scissors for and it spurts out just fine (no difficulties). since its made from coconut it does have a light smell of coconut which isnt bad. i add this product to a spray bottle with my favorite smelling oils to create a spritz. if you want to do that look up 

    Lemon 100% Pure Essential Oil -10 ml

     natural oils on here. i use lemon grass, orange and lemon. lemon grass is the strongest of the three for smells and only requires 4 drops in a 8 ounces. im also thinking about using this product with shea butter to create a paste to apply directly to my scalp and maybe add some tea tree oil and other oils. im a natural, black, with type 4a hair. its dry and crunchy as hell and im hoping this product will help moisten my scalp and soften my hair. i will post later on the effects so far. hope this helps!!

  16. Angela

    This product had done wonders for my hairI absolutely adore this product. I have dry, thick, coarse hair naturally and its also currently color-treated which has compounded the problem. I’ve used this oil for a couple of years now and the difference is amazing. Even after the very first application it helped immensely. I normally apply the oil at night before bed and then wash out in the morning. I also use small amounts during the day to calm frizz. My hair is so much softer and more manageable after using this, the difference is enormous.As several others have pointed out you do need to be aware that coconut oil solidifies at room temperature. I normally pop the bottle in the microwave for a few seconds until its liquid again. You can also just put the bottle in a bowl of hot water.

  17. P.R

    Great hair oilThe oil is wonderful, but someone buying it should know. It comes solid. I live in the Eastern part of the USA and I ordered and recieved this product in December of 09. It is now April 2010 and the product has not “thawed” out. So I thought people should know- the quality is great- has a light scent somewhat a pleasant lemon scent- NOT like furniture polish at all. The oil texture is light, a olive oil appearance and slight olive oil texture. Since the day I recieved this product I have had to place the container in hot tap water for about five minutes. The product should be fully melted in that time. It does return to a solid state once cooled. I am sure in warmer climates or seasons it would be fully liquid. Like I stated, it is 4-2010 and it is still in solid form. The oil has various herbal ingredients with a fresh lite smellYou get two containers- small- but the oil is great quality. Good for ethnic hair mainly or a very small amount on other hair types. I hope this helps!

  18. J. Brazil

    Holy Smokes! Get This Stuff!I did it.I tried this stuff on my hair and my partner’s hair just to see if the hype was warranted. I have locs and when I mixed this oil with my typical hempseed/plain coconut oil blend, it was like putting octane in a car. My locs were super soft, roots were wavy and my scalp drank its’ fill! Dandruff? What dandruff? This stuff and henna will make dandruff a distant memory. My scalp is always tingling, so methinks the Vatika is working its’ magic.The real test was with my partner. He has coarse, angry biracial hair that can never be tamed and is always stupidly brillo like. I slapped this stuff on his head, as he howled in protest, put it in a braid and sent him on his way. He came to me this morning with his hair down and he looked like a different person! His hair was wavy, curly and after he shampooed, he had huge ringlets! His brush had very little broken hair.0_0 Say. Whut.Ladies and gents, I don’t know what kind of hair magic they do in India, but I’m giving credit where credit is due; if you’ve had a bad hair day for most of your life, get this stuff by the case. It’s magic, I tellz ya. Magic.

  19. Diamond Pilgrim

    Great product. Please be aware that some people are idiots and give bad reviews about it being expired or in solid form!!!Great product. Lovely lemon-esce scent. My hair loves it and so does my skin. Don’t listen to stupid people who refuse to do a little reading and write a bad review about it being expired. They were probably too dumb to read and realize that India prints the manufacturing date of the product rather than the expiration date like we do here in the U.S. so if your product has a date on it that has already passed but does not exceed two years then the product is still fresh! I thought mine was expired too until I did a little research and read the bottle carefully. Also be wary of idiots gave bad reviews and who say that the oil arrives in a solid state and will not come out of the bottle. Any one with common sense knows that coconut oil solidifies when it’s in cool temperatures so all you have to do is warm it and it will return to its liquid oily state.

  20. C.A.Cruz

    love itI use this once a week. I put the bottle in some hot water to melt the oil. I than saturate my hair with this stuff, focusing on ends. I than clip all my hair back and put a cheap little shower cap over it. I do not sleep in it because I can’t figure out how to keep the shower cap from slipping off and I do not want a bunch of smelly oil in bed. I do however keep this in my hair for a good 8-10 hours. I do not care for the smell but I can put up with it to get the results. My hair is naturally wavy and tends to frizz easily. Since I have started this once a week, I noticed my waves are more defined and the frizz is going away. I have notice less hair loss and my hair seems to be thicker. Yes, this stuff does bring out the natural red in my hair but I really don’t mind that. I have actually noticed that I do not have to dye my grays as often since I have been using this, so that’s pretty awesome. I have chin length thick hair so one bottle gives me about 4-5 treatments.

  21. Rose Marie

    Wonderful Coconut Hair OilThis seems to be a very good conditioner. I cannot tell yet if it helps anything in particular, however, my hair is very dry and this has more than Coconut Oil in it. In case you might wonder as I did, it has a clear Henna in it. It does Not change your hair color. Since my hair is very light, I was concerned about that. I tend to put too much on and it gets messy, but you can control that of course. Another tip I found is that when I get ready to wash it out, I put shampoo in my hair with the Dabur before stepping in the shower and massage it a bit. That helps the water to break down the oil and a second shampoo finishes it off beautifully. I still condition my hair and it leaves it very shiny.

  22. JNe9

    Great Hair ProductI have only been using this oil for a week, but I have already noticed a change in my hair texture and my scalp. I used this after shampooing my hair by just adding it to my regular conditioner. I rinsed my hair thoroughly and it was just fine (not at all oily). I use it daily as well; in the evening right before I wrap my hair (just a nickle sized amount will do…TRUST). By morning, my hair is silky smooth and looks like I just got a relaxer. This product has also helped with my dandruff. My dandruff usually tends to pop up about 3 days after a wash and its been one full week and still no signs of dandruff. This product does harden so you will have to sit it in hot water for about a minute or so but I can appreciate that because it validates the naturalness of this product. The smell isn’t that bad either. I am pleased with this product and will be trying out other products from Dabur. I will post another review in about 3 months (if I remember lol) to share my more long term experience with this product.

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