Waldent RCTprep EDTA 17% EDTA Gel with Carbamide Peroxide

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Waldent RCTprep EDTA

17% EDTA Gel with Carbamide Peroxide
Manufacturer: Waldent AlChem

Waldent RCTprep EDTA
Waldent RCTprep EDTA 17% EDTA Gel with Carbamide Peroxide $30.00 Original price was: $30.00.$10.49Current price is: $10.49.

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Waldent RCTprep EDTA


It helps to remove the inorganic substances by chelation of calcium ions (EDTA-Ca).
It helps to clean the canal wall by effectively removing the smear layer produced during instrumentation by endodontic files.
It helps in the smooth instrumentation of canals because of lubricating properties. The lubricating action is because of the water-soluble base, which helps in minimizing the binding of Endodontic instruments during the chemo-mechanical shaping of canals.
It provides a synergistic effect when used in combination with sodium hypochlorite. It releases oxygen from carbamide peroxide and produces the effervescent effect which helps in easy removal of vital & necrotic pulp tissue remnant, debris, and dentinal flakes.

Waldent Rct Prep – 17% EDTA Gel with Carbamide Peroxide for lubrication and chelation of root canals.

Used for chelating, lubricating, and debridement (cleaning and smear layer removal) of canals during chemical & mechanical preparation of root canals.
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA) – 17%
Carbamide Peroxide – 10%
Water Soluble Base: qs
NOTE: Silica free formulation.



Prevent the risk of instrument fracture.
Helps in the smooth working of endodontic files.

Easy Preparation of calcified canals.
It helps to remove the inorganic substance by chelation.
3 . CLEAN :

Carbide Peroxide creates an effervescence effect with water & sodium hypochlorite.
Helps in easy removal of vital & necrotic pulp tissue remnant, debris & dentinal flakes.


Store in a cool and dry place.
Store at a temperature between 5°C to 30°C.
Do not freeze.
Store away from direct sunlight.

Always wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, and face protection. In the event of contact with skin or eyes, it may cause irritation, in such an event wash the skin with soap and water or flush the eyes with water. If irritation persists, get immediate medical attention.
Not for medicinal use, to be used exclusively by qualified dental professionals only.
A unit dose dispenser must be used for one patient to avoid cross-contamination.
Never aspirate the syringe back to prevent cross-contamination.
Immediately place the protective cap on the syringe after use.

Not for ingestion.

1 x 3gm Gel
2 x Dispensing Tips

STEP 1 :

Isolate the tooth by using a choice of the separation technique.
Proceed with an access opening and identify the canals.
STEP 2 :

Attach the unit dose dispenser with the Waldent Rct Prep syringe. Before use, always check for snug-fitting to prevent any leakage.

For better dispensing of Waldent Rct Prep, always hold the syringe in the palm firmly and use the pressure of the palm for controlled delivery.

Once you have identified the orifice, apply the Waldent Rct Prep into the canal opening using a unit-dose dispenser.

Gently negotiate the canal with the help of endodontic files.

Always replenish with Waldent Rct Prep in between subsequent endodontic files.

Once the canal shaping is done, flush the Waldent Rct Prep out of the canal with sodium hypochlorite and distilled water.

Finish the bio-mechanical preparation with the choice of disinfectant to clean the canals.

Dry the canal and proceed with the choice of obturation technique.


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